To access cPanel and set up or manage your eMail accounts, go to (replacing with your Angelwire hosted domain name) and enter the username and password you were provided with.

cPanel Login Screen

If you have lost or forgotten these credentials contact us and we will supply them.
If dns changes have not yet taken effect (i.e. if your domain is not “live”) you can still access your cPanel from

Once you’re logged into cPanel, click the ‘Mail’ icon in the second row, first row and column shown below:

Now you’re ready to start adding email accounts. Enter your email address prefix and create a password that has a strength of at least 70. The “Mail Quota” field determines how much data your email account on the server will hold. When you remove email messages from the server or delete them using IMAP, they are removed from the server and do not count against this limit. The default (250 MB) is a good starting point.

Add cPanel eMail Account

Now click “Create Account.” The account will be created and you should see the eMail address you just created on this page:

cPanel eMail assistance

Your new email account has now been created on the server, and you have access to webmail. Webmail (available through is an online email interface similar to gmail or yahoo’s mail. It can be accessed through a web-browser on any computer or device. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it is a useful fallback.

With you email address now created on the server it’s time to configure your computer and devices.

Please note the following:

  1. Your email username is your full email address
  2. The incoming and outgoing mailserver address from SMTP or IMAP is
  3. Outgoing authentication is required
  4. Incoming & Outgoing SSL is required.

The process to add your email accounts to computers and devices will vary based on the device, but the information provided on the list above is always required.

If you have questions or are experiencing a problem with your service, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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