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If you’re looking in to setting up an e-Commerce shop (a web site that sells stuff) and you want the best, then Magento CE is probably going to top the list. We’re talking about an open source, enterprise level platform with more options than most need. Yes, it’s complex and yes, it’s worth it.

Large Selection of Fine Fiesta Dinnerware

A well skinned, polished, configured, and populated Magento store is the premier foundation for most any online business. The out of the box feature set is huge, and there are plugins to achieve most of the crazy ideas you come up with.

Fiesta dishes are made in the USA, and the company has a long history of bringing beautiful design and quality materials to the market. We built Richard and Shellie a web site that reflects the quality of Fiesta Dinnerware and the company’s colorful personality!

Fiesta Dinnerware from Canton Dish Barn Fiestaware Outlet

We hope you’ll check out their site and order something! You just can’t beat the prices and large selection of Fiesta Dinnerware at the Canton Dish Barn.

Please comment and share! Let us know what you think about the site and what would you sell in your dream Magento CE web site.

We hope you agree that Canton Dish Barn’s Magento Store by Angelwire is the Best Fiestaware Outlet around. Check ‘em out!

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  1. We are in Love with are brand new Magento CE site! Justin has taken us to another level and the sales are starting to roll in! He is a fountain of knowledge and brings a fresh approach to a retail site!

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