Everyone knows that your logo design is essential in forming lasting impressions with everyone your business interacts with.

We take it seriously.

We hate ugly logos, and would rather prefer to trash them and create something awesome.

There’s also a tingling satisfaction that comes with taking and old classic logo and making it new, polishing and refining until the history and legacy is enshrined in a work of art.

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"Expose the Media" Logo Variations 2013

“Expose the Media” Logo Variations

All source files are provided upon completion as well as requested optimized files in various formats and sizes for your convenience.

Family owned and operated by the hardly famous but severely talented Simmons Family and hailing from East Texas!

The following is a small sampling of logo’s we’ve done recently.

Logo Design for East Texas Candidate for Judge, VZ County Court at Law

Logo Design for Joshua Wintters 2013

Joshua Wintters is member of our Rotary Group, and it’s been a privilege to get to know him. While I admit I don’t know anything about his competition I’m confident that Mr. Wintters will make an excellent Judge if elected. The commission was to create a logo that would be produced in silver and black to be posted in the Van Zandt area of East Texas. The scales are custom designed and we worked a little magic on the fonts, I think it turned out great! Look to see these around Van Zandt County in the coming weeks and months!

Logo Design by Angelwire

Swing for Education Golf Tournament Logo Design 2013

I really enjoyed designing this logo for the Swing fore Education Golf Tournament. The Tournament is coming up soon on October 14th. Get more registration information on the Swing fore Education web page we set up on the CantonRotaryClub.com site and I’ll look forward to personally seeing you there!

A variety of logos we designed from 2004 – 2009 (or so)

We are Your Quality Local East Texas Logo Design Source! Contact for Quote

Simcha Kosher Catering Logo Design



Logo for Simcha Kosher Catering Company 2013

In this logo design we worked some magic with Adobe Photoshop to selectively alter the color of the grapes, and designed a realistic looking mock label layered over the provided photograph.

Camper Rental Company Logo Design



We’ve also provided SEO Services to DFW Camper Rentals and they are dominating the competition on google search results!

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Logo and Web Site Design – Strategic Market Information Storage and Reporting

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